Local Famous Food in Nainital (Pahadi Food)

Nainital offers the region’s unique flavours and an abundance of dishes. If you are food a food lover or simply want to try the local dishes, then this trip will be fantastic for you.

Famous Food in Nainital

When someone talks about the things to do in Nainital, they never forget to say; to try the local food of Nainital. So, jump on to explore the natural beauty of Nainital and the famous food of Nainital. Here are some options for Nainital’s famous food.

Bal Mithai

We start our food journey with the iconic sweet treat of Nainital, Bal Mithai. Try this roasted khoya (thickened milk) covered in sugar balls, creating a heavenly combination of creamy and crunchy texture.

Bhatt ki Chukani

This is not only a dish but also a culinary heritage of Nainital. The black soybeans are cooked in gravy made with tomatoes, ginger, and aromatic spices. If you want to try the local food of Nainital don’t forget to try it. It is served with steamed rice but you can enjoy it with rotis.

Aloo ke Gutke

If you love street food this is the Best food in Nainital. You can’t resist eating these spicy potato chunks cooked with local spices like cumin and turmeric. Served with fluffy and crispy puris. You’ll feel a flavour explosion in every bite.

Momos and Thukpa

If you are in Nainital you must try this famous street food of Nainital, yes we are talking about Momos and thukpa. Momos are tasty dumplings filled with veggies, chicken, or cheese, while thukpa is a noodle soup with veggies and broth. Momos and thukpa are favorites to all people whether they are locals or tourists. People wait to purchase them for hours as these shops are crowded always.


So if you are in Nainital or you are planning to go to Nainital try these Nainital famous foods. You can explore many but this is the list of the best food in Nainital. it will be good to know about the town to make your trip more enjoyable. For a comfortable and affordable stay, you can choose Hotel Woodland Nainital, the best hotel in the town and famous for its view and good services.