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Local Famous Food in Nainital (Pahadi Food)


Situated amidst the breathtaking beauty of mountains, Nainital is a charming town. This is a paradise for nature lovers. People come to enjoy holidays. Nainital offers the region’s unique flavours and an abundance of dishes. If you are food a food lover or simply want to try the local dishes, then this trip will be fantastic for you. When someone talks about the things to do in Nainital, they never forget to say; to try the local food of Nainital. So, jump on to explore the natural beauty of Nainital and the famous food of Nainital. Here are some options for Nainital’s famous food.

Famous Food in Nainital

Bal Mithai

We start our food journey with the iconic sweet treat of Nainital, Bal Mithai. Try this roasted khoya (thickened milk) covered in sugar balls, creating a heavenly combination of creamy and crunchy texture. This is the favourite sweet of locals and visitors. So don’t forget to take this for your family and friends as a sweet memory of Nainital. This is one of the famous dishes in Nainital. you can’t resist eating more and more. Believe me, this is a heavenly pleasure for the food lovers.


This is a delightful and refreshing drink that you must try during your Nainital visit. It is the perfect summer quenching beverage to beat the summer heat and refresh you. Ras is made of various fresh and juicy fruits like strawberries, litchi, and more. This is a smooth and flavorful juice addition of aromatic spices like cardamom. To make it appealing and enhance the taste this is garnished with almonds, pistachios, and other dry fruits that add crunch to every sip. This drink is not only delicious but also a healthy option for health-conscious people.


Gulgula is a sweet treat that you can enjoy on the trip to Nainital. Its taste is like the malpuas that are the famous dish of north India. The list of famous food of Nainital food is not complete without the mention of Gulgula. These little deep-fried dumplings are made of wheat flour, fennel seeds, and jaggery. You’ll enjoy the sweetness of jaggery and the aroma of fennel seeds. This is a heavenly dessert that is served by the vendors hot. So, be ready to enjoy the irresistible Gulgulas. You have not enjoyed such taste in expensive sweets as of Gulgula.

Bhatt ki Chukani

This is not only a dish but also a culinary heritage of Nainital. The black soybeans are cooked in gravy made with tomatoes, ginger, and aromatic spices. If you want to try the local food of Nainital don’t forget to try it. It is served with steamed rice but you can enjoy it with rotis. The taste of it is a satisfying experience for your taste buds. If you have got the chance to go to Nainital try the rich flavors and culinary traditions of this beautiful town. This is also a healthy option and very delicious which is a favorite of locals and tourists.

Aloo ke Gutke

If you love street food this is the Best food in Nainital. You can’t resist eating these spicy potato chunks cooked with local spices like cumin and turmeric. Served with fluffy and crispy puris. You’ll feel a flavour explosion in every bite. You can get this delicious snack from the local vendors. You can enjoy it as an evening snack or breakfast option. These are liked by the kids too. Don’t forget this famous food in Nainital to make your journey delicious. This is one of the most delicious local food of Nainital.


If you want a healthy and delicious dish then you should try kafuli. It is a delightful spinach-based curry that is both delicious and nutritious. You can enjoy Kafuli steamed rice or hot rotis. This is a wholesome meal that fulfills your appetite and satisfies your taste buds too. This is a simple and pure dish that represents the Nainital’s culinary traditions. Next time you’re in Nainital, don’t miss the chance to try kafuli. This is a famous food in Nainital, you should try.


Baadi is a special bread that you must try when you visit Nainital. This is the best food in Nainital. This is the special bread that is made from a mix of wheat flour and local species rolled into thick bread and cooked until crispy and golden brown. Enjoy it with local chutneys or curries. It is a delicious breakfast or you can enjoy it as a snack whenever you like. Don’t miss the baadi’s delightful crunchiness. It is a mouthwatering famous food of Nainital.


Chainsoo is a delicious dish of Nainital. This is one of the famous food in Nainital. it’s a thick and hearty curry of black gram lentils and a blend of local spices. The lentils are slow-cooked and served with rotis or rice. This meal will provide you with a feeling of satisfaction. This is a wholesome meal. This is the famous food of Nainital that is delicious and healthy too.

Momos and Thukpa

If you are in Nainital you must try this famous street food of Nainital, yes we are talking about Momos and thukpa. Momos are tasty dumplings filled with veggies, chicken, or cheese, while thukpa is a noodle soup with veggies and broth. Momos and thukpa are favorites to all people whether they are locals or tourists. People wait to purchase them for hours as these shops are crowded always. You can understand from this how much popular these are in Nainital. these street foods can’t be missed when you are in Nainital. Imagine delicious filling wrap momos and warm noodles, you will feel cozy and satisfied. Scrolling on Mall Road try these street foods. These are the famous dishes of Nainital that are popular and loved by locals and visitors.

Wrapping Up

So if you are in Nainital or you are planning to go to Nainital try these Nainital famous foods. You can explore many but this is the list of the best food in Nainital. it will be good to know about the town to make your trip more enjoyable. For a comfortable and affordable stay, you can choose Hotel Woodland Nainital, the best hotel in the town and famous for its view and good services.

There are many places to visit and many things to do, plan wisely and make your trip memorable. Enjoy the famous food in Nainital that will make you familiar with the choice and tastes of the local people. If you want to know the local people, this is the best way to know their taste. You can interact with them and know the local delicacies and what is special about the particular food.

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