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Lakes in Nainital

Exploring Famous Lakes in Nainital

Lakes in Nainital

Vacation season is here!!! If You are planning a trip to Nainital here is your ultimate guide to exploring the Famous Lakes in Nainital and making your trip more exciting!!!

As we all know Nainital is known as the city of lakes. If we go to Nainital we can’t ignore the lakes of Nainital. There are many lakes and every lake has its charm and attraction. These lakes are not only famous for their beauty and picturesque scenery but also for their activities. You can enjoy different types of activities and other things. For nature lovers, these lakes offer picturesque views and you can go boating here, capture the beauty in your camera, or take a walk near the lake. Just sitting and enjoying the natural beauty of nature is an awesome way to enjoy inner peace. Here we will explore these beautiful and famous lakes in  Nainital. So, are you ready to dive into the beauty of this lake city and make your trip memorable?

Naini Lake

If I say people go to Nainital for Naini Lake I may not be wrong!!! Naini Lake is the heart of Nainital. This is a beautiful lake of fresh water surrounded by lush green hills. People love to do many activities there. If you love boating this is the perfect place.

Imagine enjoying nature on a boat. You can capture these scenes with your camera. You can take a leisurely or romantic walk along the shore. Its shimmering waters and the reflection of the mountains in the water at the sunrise and the sunshine enhance its charm.

Sariyatal Lake

Sariyatal is an attractive lake in Nainital. It is surrounded by lush greenery and hills. This offers beautiful scenery and a popular picnic spot in Nainital. There is a Himalayan botanical garden to see. You will love the sunset view from here.

Sattal Lake

Sattal, as its name tells, is a lake of seven interconnected lakes. Every lake is unique and has its charm. Sattal is amidst the dense pine and deodar forests. If you love peace and spirituality, you should come here. It is 23 KM from Nainital. You can enjoy water activities like boating, kayaking, bird watching and fishing with your family or friends. You will love the spot. For birdwatchers this is heaven. Lakeside, the gentle rustle of leaves in the breeze adds symphony to nature.

KhurpaTal Lake

It is just 4K fat from the city of Lakes Nainital. Khurpa Tal is a lake that is situated away from crowded places. It offers peace and serenity. Due to its shape, it is named after Khurpa, a tool used in farming. This small lake is a perfect place for boating, fishing, and trekking. If you love peaceful places and nature then this is the best place less crowded, beautiful, and relaxing. You can also enjoy mountain magic gaming activities near Khurpatal. At Mountain Magic Adventure Park you can explore activities like – snooker, zip line, air cycling, ATV Ride + 20 more activities. So, don’t miss the chance to enjoy your vacation at Mountain Magic near Khurpatal.

Naukuchiatal Lake

Naukuchiatal is another beautiful lake in Nainital, less crowded and situated in forests. This nine-cornered lake is unique in its shape. People who love serenity and a peaceful atmosphere, far from the city, love this place. This is an amazing place for a picnic and spending time with their family and friends. You can enjoy boating, fishing bird watching, etc.  If you are here for a honeymoon in Nainital you can hire here a boathouse and experience an amazing experience.

Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal is another famous lake in Nainital. It is named after Bhima, the legendary Pandava brother from the epic Mahabharata. This lake is bigger than Naini Lake. This lake, like other lakes, offers activities like boating, fishing, photography, etc. If you love trekking, you can explore the nearby area of the lake this is a very famous trek in Nainital. There is Bhimeshwara Mahadev temple, a seventeenth-century temple dedicated to lord Shiva. You can visit there.

Kamal Tal Lake

Hey! If you are going to Nainital, visit this less-known lake of Nainital. Kamal Tal is also known as Lotus Pond. The shape of this lake resembles a lotus flower. This lake is situated amidst the dense forest opposite the Naukchiatal. Try to visit Nainital the season of lotus blooming and be a witness to the amazing view of blooming lotus. If you are a nature enthusiast or love bird watching then visit this lake. This lake is for those who don’t like crowds and seek tranquility. You can enjoy nature walks.

Things to do in Nainital

Nainital offers different activities to do. Before going you should check the things to do in Nainital. It will save you time and make your trip manageable and you will not miss the things. The lakes of Nainital are very popular for boating. 

If you love adventure try camping near the lake. It will be a unique experience. Watching the stars at night in the open sky and living with nature far from the city, is it not an awesome idea? There are many beautiful picnic spots in Nainital.

The beauty near the lake provides you with picturesque scenes for photography. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, don’t forget to capture pictures of natural beauty. These pictures will give you pleasure for years. The chirping of birds, the cool breeze, and the reflection of the hills in the lake make the atmosphere dreamy.


Here are some useful suggestions to make your trip more memorable and comfortable.  Try to book a hotel in advance. There are different hotels in Nainital, but sometimes it becomes difficult to find a good hotel especially when the season is on peak. Don’t forget to take essential things like sunglasses, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and others. Don’t try to break the rules. You should not throw things in the lake and try to keep the place clean. Don’t try to feed the fish without the permission of the authorities.

To Sum Up

So, if you plan to go to Nainital, visit these lakes. After all, we are going to a lake city, so how can we ignore these lakes in Nainital? Plan your trip to avoid any unexpected things and expenses. Find out which places you can cover in a day as kainchi Dham is near to naini lake, Sattal lake and Bhimtal Lake. If you plan wisely you can visit Nainital on a budget. You will love Nainital and will go again and again. You will not regret whether you are going to take a break from your boring routine, for vacation or a honeymoon in Nainital. So what are you thinking, go ahead and make your trip unforgettable.

places to eat in nainital

From Local Favorites to Global Fare: Places to Eat in Nainital

places to eat in nainital

When we plan a holiday in Nainital we search for which hotel is good to stay in, which places we should see there and what we should do there. We plan for everything but what about the food where should we eat or what to eat there, what is famous food there and which are the best places to eat in Nainital? Have you thought about it? You can’t ignore it and if you are a foody then it’s a must to know about it. Nainital is not just famous for its lakes, and breathtaking landscapes, you can explore here a delightful cuisine.   Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, Nainital caters to every plate. Are you ready to go for a delicious journey in Nainital?

Here are the good places to eat in Nainital

1- Zooby’s Kitchen

Zooby’s kitchen is famous for its delicious food and inviting atmosphere. They offer from Indian curries to Italian food. You can enjoy here Chinese too. They cater to vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. Their speciality is their traditional dishes. Try its authentic Kumaoni cuisine.  You will love the atmosphere of the best restaurants in Nainital. Zooby’s serves both Veg and Non-Veg food in their restaurant. They are well known for their Amazing dishes like  Chicken Afghani Tikka, Paneer Kali Mirch, Murgh Malai, Kiwi Mojito, Mutton Barra, and Paneer Manchurian.

2- Lakeside

Don’t forget to try Café Lakeside. Just imagine, sitting by the Nainital lake, enjoying the delicious food and view of the calm waters of the lake. This place is the favorite of locals and visitors. You should go there with your family and friends for fun, or alone to lost in the beauty of the view with a cup of coffee. This will refresh you and you will visit there again and again. Lakeside cafe serves both Veg and Non-Veg food in their restaurant. They are well known for their Amazing dishes like Chicken Chunky Tomato Pasta, Chicken Parmesan Pesto Pasta, Chicken Chipotle Pasta, Chicken Creamy Walnut Pasta, Chicken Aglio Olio Pasta, and Chicken Mixed Sauce Pasta.

3- Giannis Pure Veg

Now if you are a pure vegetarian and wondering about veg restaurants in Nainital Giannis is the best places to eat in Nainital. you can get different and worldwide varieties of tasty dishes. They have spicy curries, snacks, and even thalis. You can go there to satisfy your craving. The atmosphere of Giannis is welcoming.

4- The Lake Hill Restaurant Café

The Lake Hill Restaurant Café is on a hill, overloaded with beautiful views of the surrounding landscape and overlooking the Nainital Lake. It will be an amazing experience dining here, whether you are seated indoors or outdoor terrace. They have a diverse menu with local and international dishes.  It is among the most famous non-veg restaurants in Nainital. You can relax and enjoy the beauty of Nainital at the same time. The staff of the restaurant is very polite and experienced in serving you.

5- The Kumaoni Farm Café

Hi friends! Do you want to enjoy the flavors of kumaon?  Go to the Kumaoni Farm Café which is nested amid the Nainital countryside. Here you can enjoy the local flavors, traditional dishes, and homemade treats that will tell you the real taste of the region. If you want to know the culture of the region go there. The picturesque view of the Café is a bonus for the visitors. Enjoying the aroma of tasty dishes and the beautiful view of the place.

6- Café Chuca’

Hey guys! Café Chuca is a heaven for the coffee lovers. Its décor, cozy seating, and comfort all are awesome. And its main star, yes coffee is amazing, perfect for awakening your senses. Their pastries, salads, and sandwiches are mouthwatering. So try this café with your friends. You will love to sit here and share laughter with your friends. A good café to create memorable moments.

7- Shiva Vegetarian Restaurant

If you are a vegetarian, then try this restaurant for delightful vegetarian dishes. Their rich paneer dishes and biryanis are awesome. If you love dosa like me try their crispy dosa. Here you can get international dishes like Italian pasta, Mexican tacos, etc. There is a list of refreshing beverages like juices, lassis, and aromatic teas. So give it a try for a different type of vegetarian cuisine. You will love the atmosphere and the warm hospitality of the staff.

8- Chandani Chowk

This is the best place for north Indian dishes. The taste will remind you of Delhi. When you are in Nainital this is a must-go place. The cheerful atmosphere and aroma of spices are enough to tempt your taste buds. You will get here the essence of street food such as kababs, chaat, biryanis, etc. Not just the food but the décor, the hospitality of the staff everything is awesome and praiseworthy.

9- Nanak Restaurant

Hey! If you are in Nainital and looking for a veg restaurant in Nainital, then you can give a try to Nanak Restaurant. One of the best veg restaurants in Nainital. When you enter you are welcomed by the friendly staff and cozy atmosphere. This restaurant will give you the feeling of comfort being at home. Here you can get delicious Indian foods such as creamy paneer dishes, crispy south Indian dosas and which you like. The taste of the food will bring you here again and again. So, try this food hub.

10- Machan Restaurant

Hi food lovers! Do you want a fancy dining experience in beautiful surroundings as if you are in an imaginary world? Try this, this is the perfect place for those who want to enjoy the beautiful views but don’t want to compromise their taste. Enjoy your cocktail with breathtaking vistas. You can make your food journey and trip to Nainital memorable with their mouthwatering menu. Their talented chefs are experts in making juicy grills, kebabs, curries, pasta with creamy sauces, salads, and desserts.

11- Sher-E-Punjab Restaurant

If you want to enjoy the vibrant flavors of Punjab in Nainital, try this restaurant. This is perfect for non-vegetarians. Their tandoori dishes like chicken tikka, and seekh kababs are awesome with a smoky aroma of spices. People love their buttery naan and garlic kulchas. You can also try butter chicken, dal makhani, and curries, the perfect combination of tandoori rotis. Indian desserts like gulab jamun, kulfi, and others are available to fulfill your craving for sweets. Enjoy the food with your friends and family.

12- Dilli Darbar Restaurant

Dilli Darbar in Nainital will take you to the flavors of Delhi street food. This restaurant is located in the heart of the Nainital. Local people also enjoy the food of Dilli Darbar. You can enjoy here chaat paapdi, gol-gappsas and others. Tandoori dishes and biriyanis are amazing in this restaurant. Whether you have a craving for street food or you want an Indian meal Dilli Darbar is the right place. The taste of this restaurant is unforgettable.

13- Moti Mahal Restaurant

This is a good restaurant where you feel just like home. Here you can get Indian cuisine flavorful and delicious. Here is everything from juicy tandoori dishes to creamy curries. You will enjoy here whether a quick snack for a little hunger for dinner or just some tasty desserts. Here is everything. You will love the taste of this restaurant and it’s a beautiful place.

14- High tea at Boat House Club

Hey! This is the place where tradition meets modern. If you want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city in the breathtaking views of mountains and the lake just go there, you will experience the feeling of luxury. Enjoy your high tea with pastries, sandwiches, cakes, or chocolates. This place is not just for eating food. This is the place where you can create cherished memories.

15- Momos and Thupka from Sonam

If you are a food lover your journey of Nainital is not completed without momos of Sonam’s. It is the most famous food of Nainital. These are very famous in Nainital among tourists and locals. There you can try fried or steamed momos or flavorful thupkas. They make these using traditional recipes. Chilly evenings in the mountains and the hot momos or thukpa are a perfect treat. Don’t forget to try this before leaving Nainital.

16- Bal Mithai of Mamu’s

Hey, don’t forget to try the Bal Mithai of Nainital. this local delicacy is the famous sweet of Nainital. Try it from Mamu’s shop which is in the midst of the city. This is made of roasted khoya and a coating of sugar. People purchase this for their family and friends as a gift from Nainital. you can take it with you with your sweet memories of Nainital. This is a traditional sweet of this region. If you want to this region you should have it.

Additional Tips

So if you are planning a trip to Nainital, it’s a good idea. But before packing your luggage you should know about the best hotels in Nainital. The places to stay in Nainital and obviously we have suggested places to eat in Nainital, that will be safe and comfortable and not far from the places that you should visit such as Tiffin Top, Kainchi Dham, Snow View Point, etc. You should have Nainital detailed guide for enjoying every moment of your journey.

Sum Up

Finally, we have provided a lot of places to eat in Nainital. You can choose your favourite restaurants and enjoy your food accordingly. You can make your trip more delicious with these restaurants and even the places to stay in Nainital offer delicious food.  If you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, no need to worry, there are many veg and non-veg restaurants in Nainital. don’t forget to try the street food of the Nainital such as momos etc. Nainital is famous for its jams jellies and, pickles you can purchase them for yourself and your family and friends. People purchase these for their friends. So, enjoy the trip to Nainital and collect the sweet memories that will cherish you always.

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