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Top 6 Picnic Spots in Nainital 2024

Picnic Spots in Nainital

Have you ever visited a place that seems like heaven to your eyes if not! Let me take you on a mesmerizing journey. There is a place that is situated in the core of Uttarakhand and the Himalayas are visible from it. Nainital, sometimes known as the “Lake District of India,” is situated in the lush Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Taking Nainital as a picnic spot is something crazy. Nainital’s all-encompassing tranquility and the allure of an old-world hill station make it easy to see why people are so enamored with the town.

Do you know why Nainital and Its Culture Are Loved by People?

Have you ever visited a location that instantly made you feel at home while yet being fascinatingly different from anywhere else you’ve gone before? Yes, it is the essence of Nainital. The mysterious lakes, breathtaking mountains, and serene surroundings are what lure people to this area. That’s not all, however.

 The local culture is distinctive, rich, and infused with that special Kumaoni spirit, as well as mouthwatering local specialties that you simply can’t get enough of. Not a day passes by around here without something to celebrate or be grateful for, from stunning temples to busy marketplaces to exciting festivals.

So, Let’s dive into the 6 Picnic Spots in Nainital.

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Top 6 Picnic Areas Close to Nainital for Your Weekend 

Grab a blanket and your favorite munchies, and let’s set off to discover the finest six picnic areas around Nainital that include breathtaking scenery.

1- Mukteshwar

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Nainital as a picnic spot is mesmerizing but there is a nearby picnic spot called Mukteshwar, a charming tiny village surrounded by coniferous woods and fruit orchards, which is only 51 km from Nainital. Have you ever considered enjoying a picnic in an apple orchard? Pretty awesome concept, no? Additionally, Mukteshwar Temple’s expansive vistas of the impressive Himalayan range are not to be missed. 

The months of October through June would be ideal for scheduling your visit. ‘Mystic Mukteshwar’ and ‘The Hide Out Crimson Hills’ are two places to stay that are both pleasant. After the picnic, stop by the “Chirping Tales Cafe” for dinner so you may sample their delectable pastries.

2- Nathuakhan 

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Nainital is around 40 km away from the magical hamlet of Nathuakhan. The sunset views here are truly out of this world, with shades of red, orange, and yellow. Trekking may give you a sense of adventure, or you can just sit back and take it all in while drinking a nice cup of chai. 

The months of October through March are ideal for travel. Bob’s Place and Dervish Estate, for example, may provide you with a comfortable stay. At ‘Ellora’s Melting Moments,’ don’t forget to sample the regional food.

3- Zero Point

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If you feel like taking a short road vacation, you may reach Zero Point by driving 70 km from Nainital. You may have an unforgettable picnic here because of the unobstructed views of the Himalayas, which include the Nanda Devi and Trishul peaks. Zero Point is one the best Picnic spots in Nainital I must suggest you visit Zero Point so that you can take lifelong mesmerizing views for you.

Travel from April to June or from September to November. You may stay in the “Village Heart Homestay” or the “KMVN Tourist Rest House.” Although there aren’t any upscale restaurants in this area, the little cafes provide delicious regional food.

4- Gwaldam 

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Gwaldam is a charming village tucked between mountains and substantial deodar trees, 110 km from Nainital. This hidden location provides a wonderful feeling of peace and seclusion. You may go here at any time of year, but the monsoon season adds a special romantic touch. ‘Magpie Retreat’ and ‘Mayavati Ashram’ are both excellent hotels. Visit ‘Angan Restaurant’ and sample some regional food.

5- Pinnath 

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Pinnath, which is 35 km from Nainital, is ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. It’s the ideal location to feel remote from the hectic city and near to the sky. March through June and September through November are the ideal months to go here. ‘KMVN Kausani’ or ‘Blossom Resort and Hotel’ are two places you may stay. Although there are no restaurants in the immediate area, the locals provide delectable food.

6- Khurpatal 

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The 12-kilometer trip to Khurpatal’s blue-green lake makes it the ideal destination for family picnics. The ideal travel window is from October to April. While there, stay at “The Hammock” or “Countryside Kumaon.” Don’t forget to eat at “Cafe Chica” as well for their delectable fare.

To call Nainital beautiful is an understatement. Nainital’s ethereal beauty is breathtaking, like a pallet of colors of blues, greens, and warm oranges on an artist’s easel. It’s similar to that one perfect dream when everything appears perfect and you never want to wake up.

Wrapping Up

Finally, all above are the best picnic spots in Nainital which you can explore at a minimal cost. What then is stopping you? Gather your favorite companions, pack the vehicle, and go to a picnic destination close to Nainital. I guarantee that the fresh mountain air and breathtaking scenery will make your problems go. You can Book your stay with Hotel Woodland Nainital and explore almost all the picnic spots in Nainital and make a lot of memories with Friends and Families.

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  • How much does it cost to go to Nainital?

For a three-day excursion, a typical trip to Nainital would cost between INR 5000 and 7000 per person, including lodging, food, and sightseeing.

  • What time of year is ideal for visiting Nainital?

The whole year may be spent at Nainital. Summers are nice and temperate, while winters are beautiful with their blanket of snow.

  • How do you go to Nainital?

The closest airport is in Pantnagar, approximately 65 km away, while the closest train station is at Kathgodam, 34 km away. From Delhi, which is around 300 kilometers distant, you may alternatively drive.

  • What should one bring with them on a vacation to Nainital?

Pack your clothing based on the time of year you will be there. But always bring sturdy walking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and if you’re traveling in the winter, warm clothing!

  • What is the most incredible location in Nainital to visit?

This one is tough to sell, I guess. Each location in and around Nainital is charming in its own way, but for me, nothing compares to the breathtaking sunset from Tiffin Top.

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