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Explore Some Offbeat Places in Nainital

Offbeat Places in Nainital

Would you like to go on a trip and explore offbeat places near Nainital that are not usually visited? Get ready because today we will find out about some of the most amazing unexplored places near Nainital. You must have been to Nainital many times but today I am going to tell you about locations that should be on your bucket list when you visit this hill station again. 

From beautiful lakes, calm villages, bird-watching havens, and fruit markets; these undiscussed places offer any tourist’s delight. And now let me take you on an imaginary tour of these incredible places to visit in Nainital.

Here are Some Offbeat Places Near Nainital

1- Peora:

Think of a silent village far from the noise of the city high in the mountains. That’s Peora for you! Just a short drive from Nainital, this is a small piece of heaven at an elevation of 6,600 feet which will leave you breathless.

The views here are amazing! You can wake up to snowy mountain peaks glowing in the morning sunshine. There is nothing like capturing these moments.

If you are crazy about fruit, then you must visit the apple and peach orchards. Who knows? You may even get lucky and pluck your midday snack straight from its stem.

Here, one can go back in time. The villagers live very simple lives and enjoy talking about their culture with others. This is an opportunity to view another way of life. Nature lovers will feel right at home here. Walk through dense pine and oak forests, inhaling that energizing mountain air, whilst listening to melodic bird songs – this is better than any meditation app!

Different species of brightly colored Himalayan birds abound in Peora. At times you could catch sight of sunbirds as well as barbets or if luck smiles upon you, see the beautiful Himalayan Monal

Need a place to stay? There are not too many cozy home-stays or eco-lodges – do not make plans especially when it gets busy on holidays. Spring (March-June) and autumn (September-November) prove ideal visiting seasons because both offer pleasant weather conditions coupled with clear views.

If you want to avoid crowds but still experience true mountain magic try out Peora.

2- SatTal:

Sat Tal, the Hidden Paradise with Seven Lakes. Yes!!! not 1, 2 or 3 but 7 lakes one after the other. This amazing offbeat places near Nainital is just a short drive away from Nainital.

Imagine seven transparent lakes surrounded by thick forests of oak and pine. Each one has its own attraction and they have names like Garud Tal, Sita Tal, and Ram Tal. It takes on the reflection of trees around it that has transformed into mirrors because the water is so clear. It’s picturesque every way you look at it!

Do you love being in the water? You can take a boat ride or go fishing. The famous Mahseer fish are found in these waters.

There are several nice walking trails through the forest. There will be a variety of plants and trees to see along the way. Birdwatchers should bring their binoculars! Sat Tal boasts over 500 species of birds. Colorful barbets, woodpeckers and others could be among them as well.’

At present there is even a special garden housing butterflies only; so many delicate multi-colored fluttering beings are likely to be seen there. If however anyone wants to explore something spiritual then he may want to visit Christian Ashram which combines Christian ideas with Indian ashram life.

Are you thinking about staying overnight? There are some campsites available right by the lakes or in nearby villages too if you want more options.

Avoid visiting in the Rainy season October to June is the ideal time to visit.

3- Kausani:

Next on the list of offbeat places near Nainital comes Kausani. It is a little far from Nainital, about 117 kilometers but the trip is worth the distance. Gandhi Ji referred to this place as the “Switzerland of India.”

Just think of waking up and seeing this gorgeous 300-kilometer coil of the snowy Himalayas. Sunrise and sunset here? Pure magic. You will get to see celebrated peaks such as Trisul and Nanda Devi.

There is also the Gandhi Ashram which will be of particular interest to history lovers. The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi stayed at this place for two weeks in 1929. Indeed, anyone interested in his life and thoughts ought to visit the place as a sure bet.

There are just lovely tea gardens in Kausani you can visit. Have a tour through and learn how tea is processed, and also get a chance to taste fresh locally processed tea.

If you are interested in trekking in Nainital Trek through the interiors of Dandeli to Rudradhari Falls and Caves. It is believed that these caves have some connection with Lord Shiva the god of destruction. There are also some exquisite waterfalls which I might also describe as being rather magnificent.

For all those interested in ancient architecture and especially temples, you must visit Baijnath Temple Complex. What a beautiful temple’ the architectural work of these 12th-century worshipping places leaves one with a feeling of admiration!

The preferable season for a visit is spring, from March to June, or the fall season, from September to November. The weather is fine, the views of the mountains are great and the sun sets early in the evening.

So if one wishes to enjoy the Switzerland-like beauty in India, then one must think about Kausani.

4- Ramgarh:

Nobody would tell it, but Ramgarh is a fruit lover’s paradise! Known for its fruit orchards, this pretty little town is located just a short drive away from Nainital. Think of strolling between orchids of apples, pears, and peaches all topped with snowy Himalayas.

Not only aesthetic, here you could try and buy the freshest fruits and homemade jams from the market. Writers and especially poetry enthusiasts will be thrilled to find out that the famous poet Rabindranath Tagore used to write his poems here. You can, however, take a trek up to Tagore Top for the bird’s eye views.

Bird watchers, please come with your binoculars because there are more Himalayan birds that are normally seen at this location. Some of the best times to visit these Offbeat Places Near Nainital are in spring to view the blooming of the fruit gardens or in fall, to view the fruit-picking season

5- Pangot:

Pangot is a paradise for every lover of birds! The small village located near Nainital houses more than 580 birds. Hear the chirping of birds right outside your window and spend a large portion of the day watching beautiful woodpeckers, pheasants, and even the massive Himalayan Griffons if you are lucky.

The forest paths are great for quiet strolls, and perhaps, for following the wildlife, like the leopards, if lucky enough. Go for a walk to Naina Peak to have a glimpse of the mountainous beauty. Pangot is also recommended for photographers and those who would like to taste the flavor of the native village atmosphere. Sleep in environmentally friendly accommodation facilities that are located in the middle of jungles.

It is recommended that one tries to visit the park between October and March.

6- Balaut Water Park:

Had enough of all that fresh air? Well, hello there is the beautiful Balaut Water Park that can solve your problem. This unexplored place near Nainital is quite perfect for a one full-day outing for families especially when the heat is scorching. There are different specified areas, one can slide in the three exciting water slides, drift along the river, or enjoy the wave pool.

It has a shallow end for children, to ensure their safety while playing around the pool. Nothing can stop you from moving in the music with artificial rain, right? When you feel hungry, there is a food court with a variety of foods available and special snacks.

Final words

Finally, If you want to explore a different side of Nainital? Look at these lovely Offbeat Places Near Nainital! Each spot has its special flavor. One has Sat Tal for peaceful lakes, Kausani for amazing mountains top, Ramgarh for juicy orchards, Balaut for water lovers and the bird-charming Pangot. These places depict the real Kumaon beyond the landscape and are rich in its cultural facets as well.

Thus, selecting these less popular attractions will let you discover more about real life in the region. Also, they resolve that your visit assists in supporting small communities. No matter if you are interested in nature, some extreme, or just need some time of silence – it is all here.

 So, next time you are in Nainital do not miss the chance and be a little adventurous and try different foods here. These are among the secret places to visit to complement the popular tourist attraction points to make your trip memorable with the best hotels in Nainital. Time to start your dream Himalayan vacation. Happy exploring!

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