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Famous Temples of Nainital

Famous Temples of Nainital

Nainital known as the “City of Lakes” is situated in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is famous for its natural beauty. The favourite destination for holidays whether you are a nature lover, adventure enthusiast, bird watcher, or on the path of spirituality. So, people think that Nainital is famous for its panoramic vistas and greenery. 

Do you know that Nainital is renowned for its temples?

Yes, there are many temples in Nainital you should visit. Here are a few Famous temples in Nainital. So, let us go on the spiritual journey :

1. Naina Devi Temple

Here comes the first and the most famous temples of Nainital. It is located near Naini Lake in Mallital. This is a historical temple dedicated to the goddess Parvati. According to the legends from Hindu mythology, at this spot, the eyes (Naina) of goddess Sati fell when lord Shiva was carrying her body. People come here to seek the blessings of Maa Naina Devi. The breathtaking vistas of green mountains surround the temple. The flowing water of Naini Lake enhances its beauty. This is a peaceful place good for meditation and prayers. You can relax in the serene atmosphere.

Hence, Naina Devi is famous for its Nanda Ashtami festival. At this time, people decorate the temple with dazzling lights and fresh flowers. The temple’s decoration and the festival’s atmosphere enhance the temple’s beauty. It would help if you visited at that time. Tourists and devotees come to participate in this celebration.

2. Hanuman Garhi

Next temple is Hanuman Garhi Temple. It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The temple was built by Neem Karoli Baba in 1950. The big statue of lord hanuman is the main attraction of this temple. Its peaceful surroundings and serene atmosphere are perfect for meditation. The architecture of the temple makes it unique. Beautiful wood carvings show the art and heritage of the region. Here is a cave where Neem Karoli Baba used to worship and meditate. You can meditate in this temple. People come here to get the blessings of lord Hanuman to remove the obstacles in their lives. The sunrise and sunset views from this place are worth seeing, don’t miss it. Many films are shot here. One among them is Kati Patang. It’s just 1km Far from the Tallital Bus Stand.

3. Kainchi Dham

So, when we talk about temples in Nainital this temple can’t be ignored. Kainchi Dham was founded by Neem Karoli Baba in 1964 near the Kosi River. It is 15 KM far from Nainital and its name Kainchi comes from the Kainchi(scissors) shape. Kainchi Dham is worldwide famous and visited by icons like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. If stories are to be believed Mark Zuckerberg, Virat Kohli, and Bill Gates had success after visiting this temple. Many devotees visit Kaichi Dham to be successful in business.

The serene atmosphere of the Kainchi Dham attracts tourists. This is a pilgrimage for the followers of Neem Karoli Baba. He was a saint and his teachings were followed by the people on the world level. You can meditate here. If you are new to the spiritual journey, you can meditate under experienced teachers’ guidance. The stunning surroundings, beautiful mountain views, and flowing river water are enough to create a magical atmosphere. Spend some quality time in the Kainchi Dham away from the materialistic world. Every year on 15th June the foundation day is celebrated. Lakhs of devotees visit here. Nainital and Bhowali routes are diverted. If you are planning to visit Nainital during this time and Kaichi Dham is on your list of places to visit in Nainital you must plan accordingly.

4. Mukteshwar Temple

Muketshwar itself is a tourist attraction place and once you visit Nainital for the blessings of God then you cannot ignore Mukteshwar temple. It is the Temple of Lord Shiva. This is a beautiful temple with stunning views of the Himalayas. The atmosphere of this place is so peaceful that you will feel relaxed and forget all your worries. It may be due to the temple’s calming atmosphere or the lord Shiva’s blessings meditating, enjoying the panoramic vistas of the Himalayas, or just relaxing in the cool and refreshing air.

Moreover, this is an ideal place if you are in your spiritual practice. The architecture of the temple and its wood carvings enhance the beauty of the temple and present a perfect example of the art and heritage of the region. This temple is a blend of spirituality and traditional heritage. Don’t miss to visit this temple.

5. Pashan Devi Temple

It is another beautiful temple in the Thandi Sadak of Nainital. As its name suggests, in this temple the goddess is worshipped in the form of a stone ( Pashan) idol. Beautiful and lush green forests surround this temple. You can explore the natural caves that make this place mystical and add charm. Devotees offer many things to the goddess Pashan Devi like flowers, sweets, and fruits. Its just 100m Far from the Tallital Bus Stand. On Thandi Sadak, 2-3 temples are available in which you can take the blessings of God.

You feel inner peace and love this place. Meditate here or just sit quietly for self-realization. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the place. This place is a treat for both nature lovers and spiritual people. So, if you are going to Nainital must visit this temple that is near the cave gardens.

6. Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple

This is a historical temple that people constructed during the Mahabharata era. This temple is in the name of Bhima, one of the Pandava brothers. This temple is beautiful and nearby Bhimtal Lake enhances its beauty. The lake’s clear water and stunning views make the atmosphere mystical. The temple is also famous for its architecture. The architecture is elegant, with stone carvings. The peaceful atmosphere of the temple is like heaven for the devotees. People believe that wishes are fulfilled here. 

There is a small ashram on the campus of the temple. You can participate in various rituals and activities of the ashram. There are many meditation sessions and yoga sessions and you can join these sessions. You can discuss philosophy and spirituality. 

7. Garjiya Devi Temple

Gajariya Devi temple is located about 14 km from Nainital in the village of Gajariya. You will love this temple in the middle of the Kosi River, with a stunning view. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Gajariya, an incarnation of goddess Parvati. People worship here to seek blessings and good fortune. A grand fair is held in this temple during Kartik Poornima. There are a series of steep steps to reach the temple as it is on the rock. But people enjoy this and feel spiritually blessed. The temple’s location alongside the flowing Kosi River adds to its charm.

8. Naina Devi Bird Sanctuary Temple

The temple’s location alongside the flowing Kosi River adds to its charm. 

The Naina Devi Bird Sanctuary Temple is a hidden gem located within the Naina Devi Bird Sanctuary. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi and is surrounded by dense forest, providing a tranquil and secluded spot for worshippers. 

The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of bird species, making it a popular destination for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. The temple’s serene location and the presence of diverse wildlife create a unique spiritual experience. Devotees believe that praying at this temple can bring them peace and protection. The path to the temple is lined with lush greenery and colourful flowers, creating a picturesque setting

9. Haripura Temple

The Haripura temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu. This is a temple Inside the Nainital. The temple is a treat for the eyes as it holds relics of Kumaoni art, heritage and woodwork. It is the perfect example of the culture and tradition of that region overall. Therefore it is not a religious place, but the art of this area. The people came to seek lord Vishnu, the god who cares for peace and prosperity. Hence, the lush green forests and an environment with no commotion make it a fantastic site for self-realization and meditation. If you are fed up with city life and the gadget world, then come here. 

10. Shani Temple

The Shani Temple is situated near the Naina Devi temple and is dedicated to Lord Shani, one of the nine planetary deities in Hindu astrology. Do you believe you are affected by the planets? Then this temple is must should on your bucket list. To overcome the ill effects of Shani and for a peaceful wealthy life, devotees visit this temple. The straightforward architectural style has an elegant charm which is enough to bring any worshipper here.

Plan Your Divine Journey

So, you can make a plan, search the hotels in Nainital, and book it according to your convenience. Choose the method of travel for instance you are traveling by train then search for the timetable and new schedule for Delhi to Nainital trains

And don’t forget to make a list of places to visit in Nainital, it will be of great help to you for a trip to Nainital without any hurdles.


Finally, Temples in Nainital are not only the pilgrimage but open the door to the culture and spiritual history of this densely populated hill station. Every other temple has its folklore and rituals adding depth to the spiritual fabric of the region. Whether you are a devoted pilgrim or an inquisitive traveler, exploring these temples in Nainital offers a profound experience, combining spiritual tranquillity with the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas.

So, when you visit this beautiful hill station, be sure to discover these enchanting sites and fully embrace their spiritual atmosphere. Nainital’s temples offer a captivating experience of exploration, serenity, and spiritual awakening

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